About Marc & Barb 

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Barb Morgan-Browning


Barb has a knack for helping clients make money in ways they never dreamed of. She helps them understand the needs of their business as well as their own personal needs, so that they can build businesses that thrive emotionally as well as financially.

Having grown up the daughter of a business owner, Barb learned firsthand the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur. She launched her first official business when she was just out of high school and quickly built it to the point where a local competitor was eager to buy her out. Since then, Barb has built and sold six other businesses, covering industries as diverse as pet care and chemical sales. She also founded a non-profit for children with critical illnesses.

Barb received her MA from The Ohio State University and ABD from Brandeis University in Sociology. She has taught college courses on how formal groups organize to efficiently achieve their goals. Her recent work has focused on marketing algorithms and strategic business planning. Her joy is helping business owners step into their genius.

Marc Hertz


Marc is an accomplished leader and creative. He started out as a soap opera writer on CBS’ The Young and the Restless, where he won a Writers Guild Award and an Emmy Award for his work. He then transitioned to a career managing marketing content and print production in the Fortune 500.

Marc helps business owners understand their brands and products through a narrative lens. He then taps into his corporate management background to guide them in building their vision in a way that drives efficiency while creating long-term brand equity. He excels at combining creative vision with marketing and process optimization, giving business owners the tools to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Marc comes from a family of artists, including visual artists, musicians, and dancers. He studied creative writing at Northwestern University. His greatest joy is when a plan comes together.


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