About Marc & Barb 

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Barb Morgan-Browning


Business came early for me. I sold thousands of candy bars door-to-door for a school fundraiser, and I was hooked. I started working with my Dad in his pool business. He taught me the ins and outs: how to create a pipeline, how to network, stay relevant, manage people, and protect what you know. I learned bookkeeping, became a service manager, and received my Tech 1 in plumbing. I went out into the field to work. I spent many summers with my grandfather in his repair shop. He put me to work answering the phone, running the till, ordering parts—whatever was needed. I was raised to work for myself rather than being hired to work for someone else and build their dream. It’s not an easy road. I’m a business owner. I get it.

I have grown and sold businesses as diverse as pet care, swimming pool products and services, higher education
curriculum development, a business education platform, a tech startup for children to create and share music, and chemical sales and delivery.

For years, I was an academic, nurturing my passions for sociology, applied mathematics, and experiential learning. One of my favorite projects was a course I co-created, “Possibilities for Change in American Communities,” where we took college students around the US on a sleeper bus to meet with change makers, activists, and everyday people trying to make a difference. I wrote marketing algorithms that helped businesses understand how people connected on their differences. I published. I taught. And yet, I could not give up my love of business.

As a co-founder of One Complete Business, I get to bring all my experience, and all the things I nerd out about, to help our clients develop, understand, and live their purpose.

Marc Hertz


I have a secret origin story. Growing up, I never thought my family was entrepreneurial. But then... I realized all the artists, the farmers, the traveling salespeople, the junk dealers, and the preachers had one thing in common: they owned a business. They may not have thought of it that way, but when things got tough, they turned to their wits and whatever they had around them to make a better life.

I have been paying my bills with my creative skills since I left home to go to college. It hasn’t always been glamorous – in fact, almost never. And it hasn’t always been what people would traditionally think of as creative. But wherever I have landed, I have used the same set of skills to understand the world around me and change how people see their problems. Something I’ve developed into my superpower.

I’ve written for audiences of millions as a screenwriter and as a humble copywriter. For my work on television, I won an Emmy and a Writers Guild award. In the corporate world, I’ve built teams that have supported over 5 billion dollars in annual sales and served over 25,000 customers on a monthly basis. I’ve helped Fortune 500 companies implement enterprise-level software platforms and been at the forefront of digital transformation. I’ve worked with some of the biggest retailers and wholesalers in the country.

Throughout my life, I've been fortunate to be surrounded by people who have given me the space and opportunity to explore new things and then pushed me to excel at them. As a consultant, my job is to push you to go deeper, to question why you do things the way you do, and to make connections you didn't see before. As a business owner, my goal is to build a business that strives to answer: what's next?


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