Business Consulting

We offer strategic advice and purpose driven planning.

Starting or running a business pulls you in million different directions. We work with business owners at all stages of growth to release the overwhelm that comes with starting, growing, and selling a business. Whether you are unsure of your next steps or consistently worry about your business, we provide you with all the resources you need to flourish and be successful.

Re-ignite the passion that inspired your great idea.

We’ve started, grown, and sold many businesses. We know that sometimes your business can drag you down. You don’t have the right people, your technology is outdated, you’re exposed legally, and your partnerships are on the rocks. We’ve been there, too. And we can help you get out from under it and regain the passion and confidence that made you get into business in the first place. Our unique process and proprietary exercises will allow you see yourself and your business in a new light and break through your blocks.

We do more than just give you theories

We walk with you step-by-step, providing individualized solutions to help you actualize your business, and make your success a reality.

Learn to release:

  • “I’m not making enough money.”

  • “I can’t pay myself.”

  • “I need more clients.”

  • “I’m working nonstop.”

  • “There are not enough hours in a day.”

  • “There’s so much to learn.”

Instead learn to:

  • Pinpoint your blocks and flip your weaknesses into your strengths

  • Learn what areas of the business you can handle and where you need to get support

  • Price your services and figure out all the different ways you can make money

  • Identify your customers, locate and retain them

  • Set your business up legally and financially

  • Put systems in place to make your business grow legally and financially

  • Make your sales pipeline more profitable

  • Receive networking support

  • Implement a project management platform to support your goals

  • Map your business strengths and gaps in order to build and/or scale your business

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