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Business Partner Coaching & Consulting

We help you figure out what to talk about, how to talk about it, and how to move forward.

Partners. It has a great ring to it. But people often dive into this complicated and deeply personal relationship without really getting to know the other person or people involved. What are their values? How do they deal with conflict? How much equity do they want? We work with business partners on the ins and outs of their business and what you must consider when signing on the dotted line and after.

You need more than a handshake.

Many partnerships start with a group of friends or colleagues mentioning “hey, we have this great idea for a new service or product.” They start laying out their idea, how it's such a huge opportunity, how what they're doing is cool and innovative. Everyone is excited to get started. And of course, the hard stuff can wait for later.

The truth is, all the conversations you have trouble bringing up and discussing openly in your personal life will carryover into your business partnership. It’s hard to talk about money and equity and who’s put in the most effort. Especially when you’re excited about your growing business. Unfortunately, tensions over these questions frequently break partnerships and end businesses.

Everyone says their partnership is great.

We've been around enough owners to know better. While business partnerships can bring out the best in you, it can also bring out the worst in you, and it can be really tough to be in business with other people. For every time that you're feeling super creative there's also times where you're feeling really in the pit of despair—you struggle with your own self-worth, about how you deal with money, and how you deal with conflict.

Build a solid foundation for a thriving business.

Our unique process and proprietary exercises will help you deal with the hard questions of partnership in a constructive and transparent manner. We can work with a single partner or an entire team.

Key topics we discuss are:

  • What makes a good partner, what makes a bad partner, and what makes a great partner.

  • What you should know about your partner before you get into business

  • The most important questions you are going to ask

  • The different types of partnerships

  • The best way to choose a business partner

  • Goals/vision/values

  • How to discuss equity and profit

  • How to handle disagreements

  • What are each of your strengths and weaknesses

  • Personal and business budgets

  • Risk tolerance

  • What to put in an operating agreement

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