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Get a Consultant in Your Inbox

As business owners we all struggle. Many feel they can’t afford to work with a consultant. As a result, 51% of businesses fail within 5 years.

That’s where we come in. One Complete Email is our solution to moving you and your business forward. It’s a consulting session in your inbox with every new podcast. Stuff that we know works because we’ve seen it with our clients.

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Business Model Package
15.00 every month
  • Our free weekly podcast will help you:

    • say outloud what you have been thinking on the inside

    • release your own judgement about yourself and your business

    • reduce your stress and overwhelm

    • get more sleep

    • figure out solutions to your biggest business problems

    • have more fun and make more money

  • (1) monthly One Complete Email exercise where you take the steps to fix what’s not working. You will receive:

    • a bonus podcast recording taking you deeper into the topics

    • activities, templates, processes, and tips to keep you moving forward

Create a Plan Package
55.00 every month

Same as the Foundational Model Package and:

  • Weekly One Complete Email exercises to support you in making more money, getting more time back in your day, and helping you feel good about yourself and your business. Here are the types of topics we explore:

    • Are you priced right?

    • Are your emotions running you and your business?

    • Should you make a big chagne with your business?

    • What is your purpose?

    • Are you too nice in your business?

  • Monthly group coaching call and community where members can listen, ask questions, and share with each other about pressing business topics.

Superpowered Package
295.00 every month

Same as the Create a Plan Package with the addition of:

  • One, monthly hour-long individual consulting session with Marc and Barb. Get support around your business goals by:

    • figuring out where you need support and who to hire

    • setting your business up legally and financially

    • making your sales pipeline more profitable

    • finding the best fit business model and plan by identifying your ideal client, unique value proposition, and revenue streams and pricing.

    • determining the best strategy for your business with action steps

    • coaching for business partners

    • receiving networking support

    • implementing a project managment platform to support you goals

    • assessing your business strengths and gaps



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