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Answers to Your Business Problems Starting at $37.50!


15-Minute Consulting Appointment

Perfect for: Reviewing simple proposals, second opinions on resumes, accountability check-ins, and general "uh, what should I do" questions.

 30-Minute Consulting Appointment

Perfect for: Basic marketing and operations questions, website content questions, networking, sales pipelines, and general venting.


60-Minute Consulting Appointment

Perfect for: cash flow, basic finances, reviewing ideal clients, revenue streams, pricing, partnership coaching, and putting you back together emotionally.

90-Minute Coaching Appointment

Perfect for: Finding money in your business (efficiency), improving your margins, tech and platform conversations, legal threats, and big, scary messes.

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Need ongoing support? Working on a long-term goal or project?

Monthly retainers include a bucket of 4 hours per month and a discount off our hourly rate!

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Not sure how much time you need?

Email us. We’ll give you an honest answer.