Episode 26: Red Flags

Episode 26 Red Flags.png

Red Flags. You see them, but you ignore them. You want the relationship. You need the money. You're scared of saying no.That leaves you with prospective clients who nickel and dime you, hide after you send the proposal, can’t make decisions, and don’t implement or look at your work. They pay you, don’t engage in process, and then blame you for not moving things forward. The worst part is that they drain you in so many ways. And you become resentful for not feeling valued for your expertise and hard work.   

When you look back, you know the red flags were there. You decided not to acknowledge them. The client who looks at their phone and not you, says inappropriate things, trash talks other people, and tries to get you to do work for free--they're a handful. Listen along as we list key red flags and how to listen rather than ignore them.  

Marc Hertz