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Episode 22: Acquisition, Growth, and Retention

Feeling the stress of having to get new clients all the time? As business owners we often focus on the money which can leave us completely drained. There is a better way! Listen along as we offer some new ways to increase your revenue without spending all your energy, time, and money in one place. Get back your precious resources by paying attention to your growth and retention strategies. Learn how to dream your future business that keeps your clients and customers coming back for more.

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Episode 8: Is It Time to Pivot?

Owning a business is an adventure. Surprises wait around every corner. But as the plot thickens, do you know which way you'll turn? Do you need to make a hard pivot or a small tweak? This week we unpack when and how to make changes in your business so that you can be successful. Which way will you choose? Is there more than one right answer? You'll just have to listen.

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Episode 7: The Land of Bad Business Advice

We've all seen the articles. The 29 ways to start a million-dollar business. The five ways you can start a business with zero money down. And on and on. This week we break down some of the common myths of owning a business and talk about where you can turn for advice and the missing clues to finding your buried treasure. So put on your eye patch, grab your cutlass, and whistle for your parrot. It's time for a trip to the Land of Bad Business Advice.

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