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Episode 35: Purpose

We live in a society today where 70% of people are unhappy in their jobs. There is a disconnect between ourselves, our passions, and our purpose; with many people in positions where they neither know nor can live their purpose. If you don't know what your purpose is or you're stuck trying to make it happen--don't judge yourself. This week, we explore the factors that keep us from living our purpose and trap us in cycles of shame about how we're looking for and experiencing that spark which gives our lives meaning.

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Episode 14: Your Superpower

We're all good at something, but what is your superpower? Hint: It may not be what you think. A superpower isn't just what you are good at. It's what enables you to dig deep and push through. Borne out of struggle, it's that special brew of ability, family history, and perseverance that makes you uniquely able to conquer your obstacles. Not sure what how to find it? Listen as we go behind the mask and reveal our super charged origin stories.

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