Episode: 51


As we all settle into our new normal, we want to take a few minutes to talk about what happens after the pandemic. How does our experience during this time prompt us to look at our lives in a new way? What does it expose about our relationships and how we’re living our lives? Are we actually living? Rather than rush to get back to how things were, what if we take this time to hit the reset button? How do we find the silver lining in this time of stress and uncertainty?

This episode's cover features sticker art by Vincent Cheyn from Space Utopian. Vincent found our podcast online and reached out to us. Sometimes it's crazy how the internet works. We draw inspiration from lots of sources as we design our covers. We loved this picture and the message in Vincent's sticker was perfect for this episode. If you're looking good vibes or something fun to slap on your laptop, check him out.

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