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Get a different perspective on business as we plumb the depths of what really goes on in the minds of business owners and entrepreneurs. Hosted by our founders, Marc and Barb, One Complete Podcast is packed with the same kinds of insights we share with our clients on a daily basis. From talking about business models to bouncing back from failure to covering the emotional side of business, it's our irreverent, un-filtered take all things business and business-ish.

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Episode: 52


Back at the beginning of season 1, we put out a couple episodes inspired by the Five Stages of Grief that we called the Six Stages of Business: anger. denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and, because sometimes things go well, euphoria. Since then, one of the authors of the five stages revisited their work and added on more: meaning. We thought now would be a good time to ask ourselves, how do we find meaning in 2020? This year has dealt many of us a series of setbacks and losses, how do we make sense of them in our businesses? What are the lessons we should take?

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