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American Born Chinese


American Born Chinese” (Disney+) explores themes of identity, cultural assimilation, and the struggle to fit in. This limited series is one of the few shows to successfully capture what humdrum, day-to-day racism feels like as a teenager. Seen from a second-generation Chinese-American perspective, we watch as Jin Wang navigates high school, his parents, and a host of immortal gods while trying to be a "regular guy who does regular stuff."

The characters absorb both their American and Chinese lifestyles and constantly remix them in claiming their own identity. Stereotypes are shown to challenge common tropes leading to the potential for key conversations about prejudice and discrimination.

Our only critique it that it is important to name what takes place in the show—it’s called racism. It doesn’t have to be sugar coated for teens or adults today. That being said, what we like most about American Born Chinese is the importance of self-acceptance and transformation by embracing the multiplicity of one’s identity regardless of societal expectations.

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